117 Thumbnail Storyboard


For this assignment I worked with another student to make a storyboard. He was a director, and made me a shot list, and I was the artist. The shot list that I got mostly had notes on the narrative of the story, so I felt that a majority of the composition was up to me to figure out. I did my best to try to arrange the characters in a consistent and coherent manner from shot to shot. I worry that my storyboard is not exactly what my director wanted, but there have been communication issues moving forward and I have not gotten a critique on what I currently have.  This is my current work. It is pretty rough, but the focus is currently on the composition of the shots so I am not too worried about it.


2 Point Mafia

This assignment was to draw a mafia scene in 2 point perspective. This assignment’s goal was to practice doing rough sketches of shots for storyboarding. We needed to do enough to convey the lighting and shot that we were asked to create. I tried to keep the image balanced compositionally with my single decorative piece, but mostly focused on the framing. The focal point of my scene was the Mafia boss, who is in the center of the room. With him being in the center of the room and looking from the “2nd person” perspective of over the shoulder of our character, he is easily focused. 2Point_Mafia.jpg