Final Game Scene Post

For this weeks post I’ll be posting the final work for the game scene. First we have Zacharys work, with the buildings and decorations.

Houses and Props for 373 Final
by Zachary Coon
on Sketchfab

Next up we have Joshs Gun. I only included the high poly version of the gun but it looks great.


Lastly I have my work. First I have my “decorations”, which include my barrels, mailbox, and trash can. This is actually not a completely honest picture of those models. My actual textures have opacity painted in to accomplish some of the things that I worked on throughout the semester and I have detailed in other posts. For the sake of this screenshot I added a nice blue color just so they would be visible in the screenshot.


This is my car. I am kind of dissapointed with how my car ended up, but that seems to be the nature of this high stress class projects. I am happy that I got my glass and interior working fine on the car. I was pretty happy with the final textures. I was very worried throughout texturing that it was “too dirty” but I had to keep reminding myself that it was fallout.


This is the wireframe for my car. There is also a full interior that you cannot see in this screenshot, but you can see above. The front bumper of the car was definitely the hardest part for me. Near the end throughout the car my topology got pretty messy. the back left of the car looks pretty bad, but that was me fixing N-gons manually. The line that is coming in by the window I believe is just some artifacting from z-fighting with the interior.


theses are my final maps for the car. I did not need a high/low poly version so I didn’t get a lot of baked in detail. But to be honest my polycount seemed so generous I’m not sure how much I would have actually gained visually from having a high poly version.

carMaps.pngAll of my models were made in Maya and baked/textured in Substance Painter 2. I did not use any other software. I did eventually use Substance Designer just a bit for my unity material, but that was more of a touch up extra than a necessary step.

Here’s an example of my car in scene. The dirtiness of my car is way more justified in an environment like this one. ss+(2017-05-14+at+11.05.16).png

Here’s some of my props next to one of Zachary’s buildings. ss+(2017-05-14+at+11.05.41).png

Overall I’m pretty happy with how the project turned out. I didn’t have any major hiccups in the project aside from the usual. I had life an other classes get in the way, which challenged my time management skills, on top of getting sick which I’m still struggling with. But technically the project went well. The car proved to be a bit more of a challenge than I expected. It had a lot of odd rounding to it on top of some other sharp edges. UVing also ended up being  a very intimidating task with my car. With all of these school projects, I feel like I could do much better now that I’ve done it before, but I guess that’s the point of taking classes.


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