Modeling my Vehicle and struggling with PolyCount

I’ve made some decent progress on my car and it’s coming along pretty smoothly. I was originally planning on doing a car model based off of the car that I own, but for the sake of time and ease I decided to just pick a fallout car. As the semester nears to an end and my workload increases, I moving more towards the “work smarter, not harder” mentality. For this reason I changed the car that I was planning on making to one that I think I could get done more quickly. Art_of_Fo4_pre-War_vehicles_concept_art.jpg

When looking at the fallout4 cars, they are all very round. While I believe that a more experienced modeler would not struggle with that, and would likely know how to tackle it, I have not done a lot of hard surface rounded modeling. Instead of swimming upstream, I decided to do something that I was much more confident I could have done quickly and ideally to a higher quality. highwayman_750.jpg

So I chose this car. This car is actually from fallout 3, but is still in the fallout style enough that it will fit just fine. However, there is singnificantly less rounded and smoothed elements to the car, which seemed a lot more approachable. The issue that I ran into is that there is not nearly as many shots of this car as there is others. Ideally I like to start a new project with a side shot  and modeling it out, and in an ideal situation a front on shot as well. I could not find any other good shots of this vehicle, but I found one that was very close. rory-bjorkman-side.jpg

I used this image as reference in maya, noting the differences and similarities with the car I was actually trying to do, and once the ref art was not longer useful I tossed it. Since that point I have been working strictly from the original art I found. ss+(2017-05-02+at+04.38.03).png

This is the current state of my car. I am “happy enough” with where it is at. My biggest concern at this point is that I am not utilizing my polycount well. I was allocated 15k tris for the vehicle, and am currently barely breaking 3k. While it might seem like it, I am not trying to “humble-brag” about the situation. Ideally I would be using almost all of my allocated tri count to make the highest quality vehicle I could. However, I seem to be stuck in a mindset of trying to make things as low poly as possible, and when I try to make things higher poly they tend to just get messy. My current thinking is that I will spend the remaining tri count on the details. Hopefully I can use as much of my allocated amount as possible.

Also I think I should make a brief point about the end goal. The current plan for my group is to have everything done and in unity by Wednesday, rather than waiting for the Friday deadline. That means that I need to be done with modeling by Saturday at the latest, so I have sunday/monday to texture. I am currently not too worried about the schedule with this project individually, but I am very worried about the overlap I’m experiencing with class deadlines, so we’ll see.


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