Fallout 4 Side Assets Ref Art

While my first blog post showed the car that I intend on making, I will likely do some smaller assets first. My group split up the work load so each person had one small task and one larger task. My large task is to make the car, but my small task is to make 1 trash receptacle, 1 mailbox, and 2 barrels. The assets will likely be much easier than my car, so I will be making them first. The current plan is that I finish these assets before one of my partners finishes his decoration assets, that way we can maintain a somewhat similar style. This is my current ref art of my trash can. 1e76cc_5792283.jpg

The trash can looks like the most fun to make of the 4 assets. This one is a small space ship, which is neat. It will likely not be very difficult, with most of the detail coming from the textures. After that I will make themailbox.


This was the best picture I could find of a mailbox, but it seems like a fairly standard mailbox. Hopefully I can make the stand that it is on visually interesting. Lastly I’ll be making my two barrels. I struggled finding good ref art, because if you google for barrels all that shows up is the double barrel shotgun. I’m not too worried though, because it’s just a barrel.


My 2nd barrel will likely just be a re-texturing of my first. I don’t really consider this lazy since it is just a barrel, you can only get so complex with it. I plan on having most of these assets done by the end of next weekend, which seems extremely reasonable. That also gives me almost a month to work on my car, which is great.


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