Game Asset Final Project: Fallout 4 Scene

For the final project in my Game Asset class I am working in a group on a game scene trying to match the style of Fallout 4. We got a spec sheet of what we needed to do, and split up our tasks between us. I’ll be doing a vehicle and a few props. The props are what I will be doing first, because they should be pretty easy to knock out. The way the group is currently set up I will be doing these props first, and one of my partners will be building their props based off of mine, so we can try to hit a very similar look. The vehicle will be my “big” task, taking up a majority of my time on the project.



This is the car that I will currently let inspire me. However, in the spirit of staying motivated, I will likely do a car that I really like in the theme of Fallout 4. I think that doing a car that will fit the world and aesthetic of the game but is something that I really like will make the project much more enjoyable for me.  Overall I am pretty excited for the project. It looks like it won’t be too stressful as we’ve planned out or tasks ahead of time. Doing a vehicle should be a lot of fun.





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