Texturing for Flexibility

For this weeks check in for CAGD 373, I’ll show how I’m doing detail masks while texturing. In video games it can be useful to create textures that are flexible, and can be re-colored as needed. However, we don’t want to recolor everything in our texture, and we want some things to remain consistent. For my first part of this project, I’m doing some decorative pieces, like  barrels, and figured this would be the perfect opportunity to show how I do detail.

The end goal is to make a texture that only adds color to some areas, but is transparent in the rest, so we can recolor the object in a the game engine. To do this, you need to first let substance fill in transparency. To do this, just click the + arrow and add an Opacity Map.


After you’ve done this, you still won’t see transparency. You’ll also need to swap your shader over to “pbr-metal-rough-with-alpha-blending” or “pbr-metal-rough-with-alpha-test”. I tend to get better results with the 2nd.


Once you have these set, you should be able to use the Opacity channel on your layers. I normally add a fill layer, and then set it to max opacity. Afterwards I build everything on top. My end product should have all of the “detail” but with no opacity or color, looking something like this:


As you can see, We have the dirt, dust, and metal details that we want, but the rest is transparent. The metal and roughness values, as well as all our other maps will still export out fine even though we can’t see them, just the base color underneath is not visible, so nothing is currently rendered.

After exporting to substance, I build my texture.ss+(2017-04-24+at+12.18.55).png

Instead of putting our Albedo map on Albedo channel like normal, I isntead placed it on the Secondary “Detail Albedo” map. This means that the Albedo map we made in substance overlays the primary one, so we can make the base color anything we want.


Even after coloring the base material yellow, the brown of the dirt still shines through. This method is a easy way to add a lot of extra variation to your objects without a huge increase in work. ss+(2017-04-24+at+12.28.30).png

While this method is not currently perfect, with the base color that we shift over shining through just a bit, it still helps you better visualize for this type of work flow. I’m sure that with some substance designer built shaders it would be trivial to have to proper channels, but for now I am fine with what I’ve got.


117 Thumbnail Storyboard


For this assignment I worked with another student to make a storyboard. He was a director, and made me a shot list, and I was the artist. The shot list that I got mostly had notes on the narrative of the story, so I felt that a majority of the composition was up to me to figure out. I did my best to try to arrange the characters in a consistent and coherent manner from shot to shot. I worry that my storyboard is not exactly what my director wanted, but there have been communication issues moving forward and I have not gotten a critique on what I currently have.  This is my current work. It is pretty rough, but the focus is currently on the composition of the shots so I am not too worried about it.


Fallout 4 Side Assets Ref Art

While my first blog post showed the car that I intend on making, I will likely do some smaller assets first. My group split up the work load so each person had one small task and one larger task. My large task is to make the car, but my small task is to make 1 trash receptacle, 1 mailbox, and 2 barrels. The assets will likely be much easier than my car, so I will be making them first. The current plan is that I finish these assets before one of my partners finishes his decoration assets, that way we can maintain a somewhat similar style. This is my current ref art of my trash can. 1e76cc_5792283.jpg

The trash can looks like the most fun to make of the 4 assets. This one is a small space ship, which is neat. It will likely not be very difficult, with most of the detail coming from the textures. After that I will make themailbox.


This was the best picture I could find of a mailbox, but it seems like a fairly standard mailbox. Hopefully I can make the stand that it is on visually interesting. Lastly I’ll be making my two barrels. I struggled finding good ref art, because if you google for barrels all that shows up is the double barrel shotgun. I’m not too worried though, because it’s just a barrel.


My 2nd barrel will likely just be a re-texturing of my first. I don’t really consider this lazy since it is just a barrel, you can only get so complex with it. I plan on having most of these assets done by the end of next weekend, which seems extremely reasonable. That also gives me almost a month to work on my car, which is great.

Game Asset Final Project: Fallout 4 Scene

For the final project in my Game Asset class I am working in a group on a game scene trying to match the style of Fallout 4. We got a spec sheet of what we needed to do, and split up our tasks between us. I’ll be doing a vehicle and a few props. The props are what I will be doing first, because they should be pretty easy to knock out. The way the group is currently set up I will be doing these props first, and one of my partners will be building their props based off of mine, so we can try to hit a very similar look. The vehicle will be my “big” task, taking up a majority of my time on the project.



This is the car that I will currently let inspire me. However, in the spirit of staying motivated, I will likely do a car that I really like in the theme of Fallout 4. I think that doing a car that will fit the world and aesthetic of the game but is something that I really like will make the project much more enjoyable for me.  Overall I am pretty excited for the project. It looks like it won’t be too stressful as we’ve planned out or tasks ahead of time. Doing a vehicle should be a lot of fun.




2 Point Mafia

This assignment was to draw a mafia scene in 2 point perspective. This assignment’s goal was to practice doing rough sketches of shots for storyboarding. We needed to do enough to convey the lighting and shot that we were asked to create. I tried to keep the image balanced compositionally with my single decorative piece, but mostly focused on the framing. The focal point of my scene was the Mafia boss, who is in the center of the room. With him being in the center of the room and looking from the “2nd person” perspective of over the shoulder of our character, he is easily focused. 2Point_Mafia.jpg