Tower Assignment

For this assignment we had to make a low poly tower for a mobile tower defense game. This meant that we had to make a fairly low poly tower. Due to the nature of a tower defense game normally being from a more top-down perspective, we were able to do some tricks here and there to save polygons. While actually doing the project I didn’t run into many problems. I decided to do a trebuche, which fit pretty comfortably within 600 poly count limit.


However, after finishing the model I had several regrets. The first was that my model textures just came out too dark. I somehow forgot that with the lower poly mobile assets everything tends to be more saturated and cartoony looking, which tends to compliment the style.


For my final unity version, I took all of my information and baked it down into my albedo map. I used my normal information, curvature information, AO map, and position map to add in detail. After I had all of the information I wanted baked in, I put those layers into a separate group and started texturing my model underneath that group. This let me change the base color and textures of my model without ever hurting the quality of my baked in faked detail.


These are my final maps. Overall I was decently satisfied with my tower. If I had the chance to do the project again I would have definitely done something a bit more cartoony and exaggerated, which tends to be what looks good with these low poly tower defense games.


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