Overwatch Scene UV’s

My group decided that it would be best to take plenty of time to texture our models. We started by rushing through our modeling pretty quickly, then jumping into UVing as soon as possible. This would give us as much time as we could get to Texture, which we knew would be the hardest part of the project.

When I was working on my project I decided it would be best to split my building into a top half and a lower half. This made things easy on me as far as modeling was concerned. When it was time to UV I knew I had to split my project into two separate UV images. I decided to do the top of my building on one UV, and the bottom on another. This is the top of my building. outUV.png

I tried to give the objects that I felt needed the most amount of detail the most size. Things like the roof got much more area than others. I felt that my packing was decent. I could have likely packed better, or tried an auto packer, but this looked friendly for texturing. I didn’t really have any huge issue UVing. The process could have been easier if I had UV’d all of my objects as I made them, and then duplicated them after. Instead once my model was done, I would UV one object and then duplicate it to replace all of the other instances of that object. I ended up doing that quite a bit for the roof.


This is my lower half UV. The UV came out pretty simple. I stacked all of the objects that I knew I would be applying to wood into one space, and then gave plenty of room to the other objects. With all of the empty space I had I probably could have had a few different types of wood, and then sampled from each of them for more variation across my wood pieces, but I felt that this turned out fine.

Overall I found the UVing process pretty easy. A majority of the time I would just auto UV, to see what I got, and then sow together to get what I really want. There was only a few times that I had to go in and UV things up individually.




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