Overwatch Scene: Texturing Update

When we started our project, my group knew that Texturing would be one of the hardest tasks we had. We allocated over half of our time on the project to texturing. When we finally got to the project we asked our professor if we could pull textures from game itself. She said that was fine, and our lives got substantially easier. I had allocated full days from my weekends to painting out my own textures, and they probably would have just been okay. Once I knew that we could pull from the game my stress was reduced quite a bit. I jumped into Overwatch, took quite a few screenshots, and was on my way. inUpperFinal.png


These are my final textures. I pulled my screenshots into Photoshop, cut out the parts that I needed, and pasted them into new layers on my UVs. Overall this process would have been very quick, aside from one small hiccup. I only have a Photoshop license on my laptop. I had mostly been working on my desktop for the project so far, and I had nowhere to comfortably place my laptop. This meant that with every texture update I would have to walk across my room between the two places I had my laptop set up to see how things look, which really slowed down my workflow. While this was a bummer, overall texturing was much easier than I had originally thought it was going to be. As I finished my project, I also got the bug in Maya where none of my textures would not show up. I was not too concerned about this because it was a known bug, so I just kept working.


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