Overwatch: Final Post

This was probably one of the least stressful turn ins I’ve had for a class so far. My group decided it would be best to have all of our work done and set up to turn in on Monday. The final project was not due until Wednesday. All of the team members were able to finish on time with not real issues. On Monday we walked in and threw all of our work into a scene to get it ready to turn in. I am very experienced in Unity, and went through the workflow of properly importing assets from Maya the night before. This meant that before the end of class Monday we had both our Maya project completely ready for turn in, as well as our Unity package built and ready to go.


My final Building (above)

With all of our work done, my group came in on turn in day very relaxed. We spent about an hour playing with our environment and setting up nice screenshots. Since my building was quite a bit smaller than others, I took one screenshot with a post processing effect on the camera for aperture, making my building a nice focus. The other screenshots we took to turn in more so highlighted all of our buildings together. 230Game_R1_Group1.jpg

Overall I’m pretty happy with the result. I feel that our buildings do not match as well as they could as far as the colors and textures are concerned. The buildings themselves however seem to fit very well together. I feel like a large part of the success of our group was strong planning, as well as a strong team. We set very conservative and careful deadlines, and hit them all pretty comfortably. When the most stressful part of the assignment approached, the week of turn-in, we were all very comfortable. We didn’t have any long nights or crazy crunches, and no unexpected crazy things happening before turn in. This experience was refreshing compared to some other turn ins I’ve had. I can say personally that working with group members made me feel like I had to stay on top of my work even more, so I didn’t let down my group members.

I was discussing with my roommate that this project helped us both feel much more comfortable and confident in our ability to model for games. I was planning on waiting until I had completed some more advanced modeling classes before I started working on models for personal projects, but now I feel like I’m ready to get started. I’m sure I’ll learn lots of neat new tips and tricks, but I really do feel like all I need to do to do well is put forward the effort. I am also now thinking about taking senior portfolio after I finish one more modeling class. I feel like spending some real time sitting down and making some really nice assets could be fun and almost relaxing experience. I’m pretty happy with the results of my project as well as the class, and I’m looking forward to learning more in the coming semesters.


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