OverWatch Modeling Assignment

For my next CAGD 230 assignment I need to do a group project making models that match the visual style of the game Overwatch. We have to get into groups of 3 people and each of us makes a building. As the project progresses we all have to check in and work together to make sure that we’re all working towards a similar direction. At the end of the project we have to take our final models and put them into the Unity3D game engine.  Before the project even started I put my group together. I knew that I would want to be in a group with my roommate Josh and friend of mine that I had worked with before, James. I knew that the three of us would be able to get our work done on time, and it would be a pretty low stress experience.

After we officially got into a team, we searched through different Overwatch levels to help us decide which level we wanted to do. These are some of the buildings we were considering.



After talking it over and going through the different screenshots, we felt that the level in the first image, hanamura, was something that we could all be excited to work on. It was a visual style that we all felt was cool, and the buildings were a bit different stylistically which made the assignment sound more fun. After finding the buildings that we felt would be best for us to work on, we divided them up between us. I ended up with the smallest building, but it didn’t look like it was lacking in it’s own fair share of difficulties.



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