Overwatch Game Scene Update 1

This is my first update for the Overwatch Game Scene. I did some searching on online on how to achieve the overwatch style and I found this fantastic write-up on polycount: http://polycount.com/discussion/170394/technical-study-overwatch-image-heavy . After skimming the write up, I discussed with my team members that it looked like a large majority of how Overwatch got its look was almost exclusively through textures. It seemed as though all of their modeling was pretty basic, but their texture work was really crazy and used in a way that added a lot of faked detail to objects. With this knowledge we decided it would be best to try to finish our modeling by the end of the first week, and UVing by the end of the second. That would give us the rest of the semester to finish what seemed to be a majority of the workload, the texturing. So by the end of the second week we all had our models (mostly) done. Here’s mine


While it was a relatively small building, especially in comparison to my teammates, it had it’s own slew of weird things about it that made it very odd and challenging for me to work on. When I looked closer at the building, I realized that the bottom half of the building was an octagon, and the top half was a hexagon. These two halves were blended together with the use of the walls and the doorways. This was giving me a lot of trouble to make as a single piece, so I just made them as two separate halves.


By working in two separate parts, it made it easy for me to blend the two together. The ways that I was combining the two was not perfect, but some of the conveniently placed slats of wood going up the edges gave me the perfect tool to cover up any odd lining up. Once I had my base for my top half and bottom half put into place I was able to start adding embellishments. I had been told at some point that when you are given a poly count for an object that that is a goal, not just a limitation. Your goal should not be to make things as low poly as possible, but to use the poly count that was allocated to you as efficiently as you could. When I finished my base I was sitting at around 2.5k polys, out of my 5k poly count limit. With room to spare, I decided to add some embelshments/more fine details.


While these more fine details were what quickly ramped up my poly count, I had budget for them. I feel that my building would have felt much more plain overall without them, and I’m glad I took the time to get them in. I did a few other embellishments as well to help the building feel more complete.


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