Dining Scene Progress Post

My Dining Scene has been progressing at a pretty comfortable pace. I feel like I’m right on track to finish the assignment decently in time without worrying too much. If I want to turn in something a bit more substantial, I am probably a bit behind. I gave up on my original plan of not smoothing my assets. I was spending quite a bit of time modeling my assets to look nice and smoothed out without smoothing. However, some models just look so much nicer with smoothing on I can’t really resist. I think this will make a lot of my future assets quite a bit easier to complete. progressupdate3

Since my last update, I have finished my booths, tables, and started my lighting. I feel that most of my core components are in the scene, and now I mostly just need decoration to make the scene really feel alive. When I threw in my lighting it really started to give me a good idea of the direction I wanted to head. So far I have been going forward without much defined direction, but I think that sci fi neon diner is right up my ally. Having a solid grasp on the theme I want to achieve is really going to help me stay excited moving forward, which I think is important.

My next post should be of my final render. With textures and some decorations in scene I think this scene will really come to life.



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