230 Update Post

This is my second update on my 230 modeling project. So far I have just been modeling my assets. I want to eventually throw my scene into a game engine, so I have been modeling without any smoothing. This means that I need to put in a bit extra work to manually make my edges look smooth and nice, and they’re still just alright. I know that if I knew what I was doing a bit better I could potentially do more tricks to make my assets appear smoother in engine. I am pretty happy with my stools so far, but I am looking forward to seeing them textured. While the countertop of my “bar” area is done, I don’t feel like the bar itself is. I can’t put my finger on what’s missing, but something about it just needs a bit more. That’s why in part I added the footrest on the bottom. I’m hoping that maybe after I texture it it will appear more complete. While my progress modeling has been going at a decent pace, I’m looking forward to starting texturing and really getting an idea of what my final scene will look like.




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