Finished Dining Scene!


Dining Scene Progress Post

My Dining Scene has been progressing at a pretty comfortable pace. I feel like I’m right on track to finish the assignment decently in time without worrying too much. If I want to turn in something a bit more substantial, I am probably a bit behind. I gave up on my original plan of not smoothing my assets. I was spending quite a bit of time modeling my assets to look nice and smoothed out without smoothing. However, some models just look so much nicer with smoothing on I can’t really resist. I think this will make a lot of my future assets quite a bit easier to complete. progressupdate3

Since my last update, I have finished my booths, tables, and started my lighting. I feel that most of my core components are in the scene, and now I mostly just need decoration to make the scene really feel alive. When I threw in my lighting it really started to give me a good idea of the direction I wanted to head. So far I have been going forward without much defined direction, but I think that sci fi neon diner is right up my ally. Having a solid grasp on the theme I want to achieve is really going to help me stay excited moving forward, which I think is important.

My next post should be of my final render. With textures and some decorations in scene I think this scene will really come to life.


230 Update Post

This is my second update on my 230 modeling project. So far I have just been modeling my assets. I want to eventually throw my scene into a game engine, so I have been modeling without any smoothing. This means that I need to put in a bit extra work to manually make my edges look smooth and nice, and they’re still just alright. I know that if I knew what I was doing a bit better I could potentially do more tricks to make my assets appear smoother in engine. I am pretty happy with my stools so far, but I am looking forward to seeing them textured. While the countertop of my “bar” area is done, I don’t feel like the bar itself is. I can’t put my finger on what’s missing, but something about it just needs a bit more. That’s why in part I added the footrest on the bottom. I’m hoping that maybe after I texture it it will appear more complete. While my progress modeling has been going at a decent pace, I’m looking forward to starting texturing and really getting an idea of what my final scene will look like.



230 Diner Block Out

For this assignment we had to start by blocking out our scene. I blocked out a fairly small rectangular diner. I followed my reference image almost exactly. The reference was of a boxcar diner, which made things very clean and tight. In my scene I plan on going for more of a sci-fi look, and I think doing a box car diner but in space will achieve a cool “retro futuristic look”.