230 Shelf Assignment

For this assignment I had to make a shelf filled with boxed and jarred goods. A majority of the project was just managing my UV’s and texturing objects. I spent some time when I started the project setting things up so I would have a decent pipeline which made things a lot easier and quicker. When I UV’d my first box, I cut all of the faces out and organized them into a logical fashion. I used these UV’s for all of my boxes, so when I was texturing a new object I just had to drag each part of the texture into their assigned space and it just worked. I felt that this made the assignment much easier compared to if I had re UV’d every single object, but I did not have to sacrifice quality to do it. Overall I did not encounter too many issues with the project. I made a point to name everything I was using along the way (objects, materials, and textures) and group everything properly. By keeping my work space organized and working with a miniature pipeline the project went very smooth. The only real issue I found was not always finding complete textures for some of the objects I was working on. In those cases, I did my best with some quick Photoshop magic to try to make things fit, but don’t look too close at the rice box.





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