230 Shelf Assignment

For this assignment I had to make a shelf filled with boxed and jarred goods. A majority of the project was just managing my UV’s and texturing objects. I spent some time when I started the project setting things up so I would have a decent pipeline which made things a lot easier and quicker. When I UV’d my first box, I cut all of the faces out and organized them into a logical fashion. I used these UV’s for all of my boxes, so when I was texturing a new object I just had to drag each part of the texture into their assigned space and it just worked. I felt that this made the assignment much easier compared to if I had re UV’d every single object, but I did not have to sacrifice quality to do it. Overall I did not encounter too many issues with the project. I made a point to name everything I was using along the way (objects, materials, and textures) and group everything properly. By keeping my work space organized and working with a miniature pipeline the project went very smooth. The only real issue I found was not always finding complete textures for some of the objects I was working on. In those cases, I did my best with some quick Photoshop magic to try to make things fit, but don’t look too close at the rice box.





Table and Chair Assignment


In the table and chair assignment we had to model, UV, and texture and table and chair. We paid particular attention to making sure that the table and chair were done in correct proportions as well as making sure that our UV’s did not stretch. After we had it modeled, UV’d, and textured, we added three point lighting and rendered.

The only real issue I ran into with this project was that my Arnold tools were not there. It wasn’t until the end of my project that my roommate came and helped me re enable my Arnold tools. After it was set back up, I needed to reset my shaders to arnold shaders, and then re do my lighting and render. Other than that the project went very well.



Pencil Assignment


Hey! For this assignment I needed to model, texture, and render a pencil. This assignment was mostly focused on learning how UV and texture properly. I ran into a very significant problem while working on the project. I started the project in class with a set of video tutorials that were later taken down. New updated tutorials were posted before I finished my project, so when I came back to it to finish it I was extremely lost. While this was initially very jarring, the issues that it led to were probably for the best. For instance, I regularly ran into an issue where I needed to go back to something that I had already textured and replace it’s shader with the newer Arnold shader. I did this several times and feel that I am more familiar with the way that materials and shaders work in Maya.pencil_render