Primitives Assignment!

This is my render from the Primitives Assignment. This is our first assignment of the semester, and is generally just to get us into the flow of navigating maya, making and using materials/shaders, adding lighting, and rendering.

I Arranged my scene very heavily off of my reference image, but I feel that that doesn’t take away from the composition at all. In it’s current state, the eye is immediately drawn to the pillars, which then leads the viewer to the triangle and block behind them. From there you shift your focus right to the rest of the scene. I actually really enjoy this, because I feel it encapsulates the subject matter, which is a parkour course.

Overall I was just trying to create a scene that would capture the reference material well. Even thought I am just using basic geometry, I feel that somebody would look at this and understand it’s some kind of playground. That is pretty much what parkour courses are, playgrounds for adults.

I initially ran into an issue of objects not snapping properly to each other. Many of my objects were not properly aligned to the ground after scaling them, or just weren’t snapping to each other which led to odd overlapping pieces.

Overall I felt that this assignment did a good job of forcing me to actually sit down and practice the tools that we’ve been taught the last couple days. I asked for help a few times while working on the project, and my future projects will be easier because of the practice I got here.




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